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Admin Candace
Admin Candace

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 10:59 am

The reason these rules are here, is to ensure that the community/forums remains a fun, and clean environment for everyone to be able to fully enjoy.
That being said, we have 8 simple rules which would enable us to help ensure this happens.

1. Respect all forum members.

- The community doesn't just consist of you. Their are players of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. Please consider these things when posting/creating topics.

  • First Offence: 5 Day Post Suspension
  • Second Offence: 10 Day Post Suspension
  • Third Offence: 10 Day Temporary Ban*
2. Avoid posting controversial images.

- As I mentioned previously. The community contains a vast range of players. Please refrain from posting images which may cause possible offence to other members of the community.

  • First Offence: 5 Day Post Suspension
  • Second Offence: 10 Day Post Suspension + 5 Days of Moderator Preview*
  • Third Offence: 15 Days Temporary Forum Ban*
3. Do not Create topics/posts using incorrect grammar.

- You’re capable of spelling/writing properly. Please refrain from posting using incorrect grammar. “I45 L33T H4XZ3R” is not correct.

  • First Offence: 5 Day Post Suspension
  • Second Offence: 10 Day Post Moderation
  • Third Offence: 15 Days Temporary Ban from Posting/Creating Topics
4. Do not post in outdated topics.

- Yes, its good to not create duplicate topics. However, posting in one which was created a year ago, is pointless. Don't do it.

  • First Offence: Warning (We'll close the topic)
  • Second Offence: 10 Day Post Moderation
  • Third Offence: 20 Day Post Suspension*
5. Do not abuse the report button.

- The report feature is there to report posts that go against the forum rules. Please do not use it for anything else. If so, we'll take action.

  • First Offence: Warning
  • Second Offence: Ability to report posts/topics removed.
  • Third Offence: 10 Day Temporary Forum Ban
6. Do not be racist/use racial slurs.

- This could be classed as disrespect. However, I feel it merits its own standing. There is a lot of controversy surrounding those terms. Please avoid using them here.

  • First Offence: 10 Days Temporary Ban
  • Second Offence: 20 Days Temporary Ban
  • Third Offence: Permanently Banned from Forums*
7. Do not advertise other servers/products on this forum.

- We are a Ragnarok Online server. We do not wish to see other servers advertised here, nor any other product for that matter.

  • First Offence: 5 Day Post Suspension
  • Second Offence: 10 Day Post Suspension
  • Third Offence: 20 Day Temporary Forum Ban*
8. Do not create disrespectful display names

- I cant stress this any more. Do not put vulgarity in your usernames, nor any disrespectful wording. We will take action against it.

  • First Offence: Changing of name + 2 Days Temporary Forum Ban*
  • Second Offence: 5 Day Temporary Forum Ban
  • Third Offence: Account Deletion*
9. Do not post irrelevant remarks on the subject being discussed

- There is no reason to go off-topic, if so, discuss your remarks by making another topic.

  • Post deletion; no warning
10. Do not reply to a topic with just one word (Spamming Section excluded)
- If you are doing this, you are spamming and wanting more post counts. Please do not do this.

  • Post deletion; no warning

These rules are in progress from today. Rules subject to change, without prior notice. (Punishment indicated with an asterisk*, can be escalated, or vice versa)

Please support these rules, and thanks for reading.

Originally by Fluer.
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Forum Rules
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